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European Keratoconus Congres - 30. Nov. 2007

Allgemeine Termine zum Thema Keratokonus, zum Beispiel Kongresse in Europa, USA oder Asien. Globale und lokale Treffen von Betroffenen. Stammtische.
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European Keratoconus Congres - 30. Nov. 2007

Beitrag von V2F »

Dear friends,

In the framework of setting up the first european keratoconus congres which will take place at Toulouse next november 30, we get in touch with european association and would like to know how many members your association was composed of in 2006.
If you have one, the names of your scientific members.

Thanks in advance

(Sorry Markus if I post in the wrong forum :oops: ...)


Here is the tentative program:

- Keratoconus Pathogenesis (the researchers in Toulouse have localized
the chromosome and are working to find out which gene causes KC. They
will undoubtedly present their research.)

- Epidemiology of Keratoconus and ectasias

- Detecting post-operative ectasia

- Detecting forme fruste keratoconus. Should I operate or not?


- New surgical alternatives in 2007

- New therapies (implants, intracorneal rings, cross-linking…)

- What type of keratoplasty for 2007?

- Presentation of main concerns by KC european patients about keratoconus disease (taking over, money, treatments, work, ...)

Medical speakers (to date):

Pouliquen, Malecaze, Colin, Muraine, Delbosc, Cochener, Hoang-Xuan, Borderie, Laroche, Legeais, Renard, Gautier, Assouline, Pietrini, Lebuisson, Tuft, Ehlers, Guell, Seiler, Van rij, Muller, linda, Duran de la Colina, etc…

With collaboration:

Eurordis, Orphanet, CRK (Centre de Référence du Kératocône), Association Kératocône

More: http://www.keratocone.eu/site_europe/
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Eigene Erfahrungen mit Keratokonus: Es hat lange gedauert den KC zu akzeptieren, aber nun ist es OK.
Keratokonus seit: 1978 - erst irregulärer Astigmatismus, dann Keratokonus; - seit ca. 2006 stabil = kaum Veränderungen bei Scanns in 2-4-Jahres-Abständen
Erfahrungen mit Brille / Kontaktlinse: Brille(n) reichen meist; selten DayLenses/weiche Linsen oder Huckepack
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Beitrag von andreas »

Hello Vincent,

thank you for information about this congress.

Are there any information available in English?

What about the different information about day and location on http://www.keratocone.eu and your link? http://www.keratocone.eu/site_europe/

Regards, Andreas


Your day and location at:


(TimeStamp: 20070304, 18:15)

Your day and location at:


(TimeStamp: 20070304, 18:15)
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Beitrag von V2F »

Dear Andreas,

Ooops! :oops: Thank you. I correct the first page as fast as possible!
Congres is the November 30th in Toulouse. As said on the UK-support group forum, “the meeting is on St Andrews Day! Can life get any better?” :D
We translate as quickly as possible the site into English, but also into Italian, German and Spanish.


Beitrag von Sajeev »

You forgot to mention that the guy who’s quote you used has a name called “Andrew” and that’s why “St. Andrews day”, that day, has the main significance in what he said.

As a side issue, I would like Keratoconus patients who had mini-ark not side-lined but supported as they do exist and they are a part of the Keratoconus community, anything done must be inclusive not exclusive. Also the debate about flat fitting lenses Vs steep fitting lenses covered. Keratoconus is as individual as an individual, I hope that does not got lost in it all. There are pros and cons to centralization, I hope its not done for the sake of doing it, and then independence threatened or lost un-wittingly, and may be never to be recovered as well, arguments etc. What is good for one country is not necessarily good for another. You know the politics, I hope it does not get swamped by it and become a “talking shop”.

I hope it all goes smoothly for you, but it is Keratoconus, so who knows?!

Every good wish
Frank B
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Beitrag von Frank B »

Ground-breaking congress to explore progress in diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus
(news 08/2007)

Citation: "KERATOCONUS experts from all over Europe will gather in the southern French city of Toulouse later this year for a timely update on advances in research and treatment of this debilitating ocular pathology. The one-day congress, the first of its kind ever to be held in Europe, is being organised by the newly designated French Centre de Référence du Kératocône."

Citation: "... the French Ministry of Health recently designated two centres – the ophthalmology clinics in CHU Toulouse (Prof Malecaze) and CHU Bordeaux (Prof Joseph Colin) – as official reference centres for the disease in France."

file: Groundbreakingcongress.pdf
pages: 1
[PDF >

http://www.escrs.org/PUBLICATIONS/EUROT ... ngress.pdf

European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

Congress: 30.11.2007

Emplois - Post-doc à Toulouse:
Localisation and identification of familial keratoconus genes

http://www.ifr140.rennes.inserm.fr/m_ar ... sp?id=2666